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The thumb rule is never asking a close-ended question. An open-end question is the one that allows her to say more than just a YES or NO.Speaking of right question, never ask her if she is ready for an offline date too in your first conversation.For example, you can get to know if she has a great taste of rock music, or if she likes a specific restaurant in your city.Clues like these are conversation starters and can offer ample scope for you to appreciate a person to make a good first impression online.However, things have changed a lot since then and we have a flurry of social network sites where we get to meet a lot of girls, look at their profile and secretly seeking their attention to strike a conversation with them. Here we go: Google is the ultimate source of information about people who have one or more profiles on social network sites.

If you’re dating a girl online and feeling anxious about how to start off on the right note, the following dating tips can help you get started.Also, it makes sense to work on your profile description in a manner to come across smart and impressive to her. Linked In is essentially a professional network and unlike Facebook, it’s an ideal place where she is likely to accept your request here.You may still want to craft your request giving a good reason as to why you want to connect to her there.Pro Tip: Never compliment her on her looks or appearance. Nothing sparks off a good first conversation quite like common interests.They make it easy for both of you feel comfortable and natural to start a chat online.You may want to delete any inappropriate comments you may have left here and there recently.