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On the other hand, critics will point out that several ex-gays who claimed to have become straight were later caught in compromising situations, demonstrating that they hadn’t always been honest about their innermost feelings.Ultimately, of course, none of us can say for sure whether it may be possible for some people to change their feelings, or if so, who can change and how much. When someone says that the Bible condemns “homosexuality,” what they usually mean to say is that the Bible condemns homosexual behavior.This site is designed to be a haven for all gay Christians, whichever view they take.

Being gay just means that someone is attracted to his or her own sex.Being gay is not a choice, but the way we respond to our gay feelings is always up to us.Not all gay Christians have the same answer to this question.There are a few, however, who claim to have gone from 100% gay to 100% straight.It is possible, then, that an orientation change may be possible for a small percentage of the population.But many gay people have also married a member of the opposite sex and even raised a family in an attempt to change their inner feelings.