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The most common idea is two people trying out a relationship and exploring whether they're compatible by going out together in public as a couple, who may or may not yet be having sexual relations.

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On the other hand, be wary of well-meaning relatives who simply want to get you married.If they lack discretion, they may waste your time by setting you up with anyone who comes to mind. Above all, make sure that your friends and family understand the importance of character.As we discussed in the previous chapter, you do not want to settle for just anybody.You want to find someone who completely captivates your heart.Keep your judgment sharp, and do not trust someone until you have determined his or her character.Regardless of the bad apples, the church is still one of the best places to meet healthy singles who are passionate about sharing the love of Christ.Where the Singles Are Let's examine the pros and cons of the most common ways to meet singles.

Friends and family can be another good source to help you find mature singles.Offer to volunteer for something that interests you, such as teaching, organizing parties, working with youth, or opening your home for Bible studies.By participating, you get to serve the church body with your time as well as improve your chances of meeting other singles.They usually target young singles who are unaware of their schemes.Stalking and date rape have occurred within many church groups.However, they cannot recommend attractive candidates unless you specifically tell them what type of person you desire to date.